Road Trippin' - Rossvale and Nelson

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last Wednesday we hopped in the car and headed out of town for a quick road trip to Rossvale so we could ski Red Mountain and to Nelson so we could ski Whitewater and to celebrate our friend's birthday.  
 As we left town the traveling conditions were not the best.
 We arrived at the the ferry just as it had taken off and had to wait a hour of the next one. We've learnt our lesson, check the ferry times. Nick wondered why they hadn't just built a bridge and I said that maybe they'd been warned off by the situation at Hindmarsh Island

We drove through the town of Fruitvale, in the heart of the Beaver Valley (I kid you not, these places are real) and not too long after we pulled into Rossvale. It was well past dark, but you could still get a feel for this quaint little town. It reminds you of something from an old western movie.  

Red Mountain has chairlifts that are not for the faint hearted. Fixed lifts that have the steepest descent I have ever seen.  We made it off the lift in one piece and found a winter wonderland.
 Like something out of Narnia...
 Hot mocha with extra marshmellows kept me warm (free marshmellows & you can help yourself - the joke is on them), while Nick's beverage of choice was a beer. 

 Then it was time to hop back in the car and make the journey to Nelson via Trail.

 We partied the night away with the help of an 11 piece reggae band, Idlers at the Royal.
 We were up fairly early the next morning to ski Whitewater. The lifts at Red Mountain had nothing on the death lifts at Whitewater. Without the steep descent, Whitewater lifts have a bar in the middle of the chairs to smack you in the arse each time you try to sit on them. Am sure there is a knack to it, but by the end of the day I hadn't got it. 
 We stayed another night in Nelson so we could explore the town a little more. It really is a great town, though we are glad we didn't do the winter there. There are just too many nice places to eat out and shop. We'd have been broke within a month! They also have a Pharmasave. Nick never ceases to be amazed at how much time I can spend in the Pharmasave. 
It was a beautiful sunny day. After a few months of below zero temperatures, it was great to feel that plus zero warmth. No coat, just balmy. 
 On the way back to Revie we toured Slocan as Nick's Uncle has a block of land there and we were keen to check it out. Slocan is on the edge of the most beautiful lake and we were quite taken by the motel and their excellent signage.
 That ends our road trip for this week. Tune in next week when we....

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