Thursday, April 21, 2011

The mountain is now closed during the week and our week day activities comprise sleeping in, internets, running/walk somewhere, reading, making dinner, tv then sleeping. Repeat. The other day we had a brain wave. Now is the time to make fiddly food that we otherwise wouldn't have had time to make. We have mates staying with us at the moment, a captive workforce, and yesterday we put them to work making dumplings. 
Nick showing us how it's done

I followed this 'authentic asian' Martha Stewart recipe with a few small changes. Our mate is allergic to prawns (shrimp) so we used pork. Instead of carrots we added mushrooms, some red cabbage and a lot of spring onion (scallions). I also doubled the sauce recipe and added garlic (everything can benefit from garlic). We used almost half of the sauce to marinate the meat/veg mix, leaving it for about an hour. 

Dumplings, ready to cook
 Our local supermarket didn't have dumpling wrappers, so we used wonton. Despite our early worry that they might be too fragile, they worked out fine.
The sriracha-ginger dipping sauce with added sesame seeds
Parboiled green beans with hoisin & sesame seeds
 We have an incessant need to have something green with each meal so we partially boiled a big bunch of green beans. Just place them in boiling water for about 4 mins. It leaves them a little crunchy, empty the water then add a little hoisin sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
The cooked dumplings
Our mate was feeling a little crook, so rather than have white wine, he felt like the more fruiter white wine sangria with lots of fruit. It went down a treat. 

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