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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Over the last 4 days I have conquered my fear of The Last Spike from the top of the mountain. You may remember this post from earlier in the season about it. I was terrified of the extremely narrow cat track with edges that dropped away to nowhere. As Nick & my friends have said, if I just plow that first bit in a straight line, then I'll be fine. And you know what? I was. I plowed the hell out of it, saying to myself 'you can do it, it's ok, you're going to be fine'. 

It is great being able to go up the Stoke Chair to the top of the mountain with everyone else, even if they don't do this particular run with me. It now really feels like I have progressed this season. When I arrived here I'd skied maybe 10 days in total ever. I was lapping the bunny slope on the Canadian mountains. Now I can ski The Last Spike from the top of the gondola to mid mountain, 8km in total, in 19mins AND I can ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom. I have improved! Yay! No more bunny slope for me. 

The mountain has now officially closed, though it will be open for the next few weekends. I've had an awesome season so I may just let those weekends go by. Bring on the sunny, hot weather. It's time. 

Thanks Revelstoke!

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