Perfect Couples

Friday, April 22, 2011

I love Perfect Couples. In this show I have found a new favourite TV show. It now sits alongside 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Studio 60 and CSI (the original) in My Favourite TV Shows

Perfect Couples surrounds itself with the day to day lives and issues of three couples, who as you have probably guessed, are far from perfect. It's funny, laugh out loud funny. Nick hates that there's no character development and that nothing really happens. But to him I say an episode devoted to the removal of a dead possum is something. The characters learned team work.

As we're only 6 episodes in, the story arch could develop more, however I don't think that it really needs to. I love that you could drop into the series anywhere, know exactly what is going on and have a laugh. 

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  1. I'm sorry to disappoint as i love Perfect Couples as well but this will be the only season :( Its getting canceled for some other show.

  2. Oh no! They always cancel the good shows too soon!


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