Spring running

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The sidewalks have thawed, the sun has come out and the mountain has closed. Now that I'm not skiing 16km plus most days, it's time to get back into fitness that doesn't require snow. Since the local gym doesn't run classes such as, kick jab kill, that I enjoyed pre-ski season, yesterday I headed out for a run. 

A few years ago I learnt to run using Robert Ullery's Couch to 5km Podcasts. The podcasts set the running program to music & they tell you when to run & when to walk. The Couch to 5km program is designed to ease you into running. So you won't be running thirty minutes in one go straight away. It's more about intervals and ease. I love week two the best & it is my fallback whenever I haven't run in a while. It was great being outdoors in the sunshine yesterday, rather than on the treadmill at the gym. 

While on my run I discovered the pedestrian footbridge to the Big Eddy which had beautiful views of the river and looking back to town. Due to this discovery, we no longer have to drive to Wing Wednesday at the Big Eddy Pub! This bridge is a great short cut. I stopped & snapped a few photos of the great scenery on my iphone, but they don't quite do it justice....

 looking toward the railway bridge
 looking to town
And so there is still a fair bit of snow around, but I'm taking my small victories. 

This week is all about Wing Wednesday, but tune in next week to hear about my new healthy living diet.

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