Wing Wednesday

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday rolled around and we decided to partake in the weekly event that is Wing Wednesday. There are various wing deals around town, with the Grizzly offering 35c wings and the Big Eddy Pub offering 2 for 1 pound of wings. Since the Big Eddy wings were so delicious last Saturday, we decided to head there via my new short cut.  
Us at the Big Eddy Pub
The walk took longer than anticipated with a few detours (it's weird how things look different on the ground than they did a few days ago on Google maps) and so we were more than a little hungry when we arrived. The Big Eddy Pub's Poutine is one of my favourite Canadian things. Poutine is chips (fries), gravy (chips and gravy already being a favourite) but then they add cheese curd as well. What could be better than chips, gravy & cheese? Genius! It does not make for a good photo though. 
Hot wings, Poutine, Shots & Sculpture
The Ice Hockey was playing on the big tellys, wings were eaten and ciders/beer was being drunk. A Canadian evening was in full swing. I have been told that in Canada you call 'the ice hockey' just plain 'hockey' but you'd all be confused if I did that, surely? Anyway, as the band began (a band that did not do covers, rare, I know) and someone, M I'm looking at you, decided that we should do shots, despite the rest of us saying 'No, I don't think that's a good idea'. And of course it wasn't, tasty as those shots were. 

Did you know that in Canada pubs do table service? Which means that they bring the shots to you! They also bring the third round of shots to you. Luckily we could all still stand as we left or that would have been rather embarrassing. As we walked out of the pub to start the journey home, the pub's courtesy bus/beford pulled up. Yep they offer free lifts back to town. Not only that, the driver is the Dad of the 'kids' who own the pub! Kind of like being driven home from a teen party. 
Once we were safely within the confines of our home, our friend pulled out this record that he may have gotten from the pub. Made for some interesting post night out photos! I promise it'll be returned the next time we're at the Big Eddy....   

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