Deep Cove & Mountain Bike Trails

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yesterday I was feeling really homesick so we ventured out to the house & over to Deep Cove. I had read about Deep Cove on Sadie Designs blog. Deep Cove is a cute little seaside town that seems like it's miles from no where, but is actually a part of Vancouver. It has a few really cute stores including Room 6 - I wanted everything they were selling, but alas I couldn't buy anything with magic beans.
Deep Cove

The 'beach' at Deep Cove. Australia really has beaches sown up.
 Nick then took me to where he goes mountain biking & we walked one of the easier trails. I was skeptical that we'd make it out alive, what with the bears & navigating the trail, but we didn't see a bear & we managed to find the way out. 
 I couldn't get over how green everything was. It reminded me of Kermit.

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