Frockin' up - Weekly Edition

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yesterday's frock up was in honour of our visit to the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. I know very little about the Canadian First Nations so it was really interesting to see the exhibits at the museum and a little bizarre that you could take photos of everything in the museum. Though it seems as though 'no photos' is a very Australian museum/gallery thing. I need to research this further.

 Sunday's Frock up was in honour of us being housebound all day. We went a little stircrazy & decided to head out to the Goyza King.
Jacket - Anthropologie
Top - Urban Ourfitters
Jeans - Bettina Liano
Shoes - Tony Bianco

Shirt - Ben Sherman
Tie - gift
Jeans - Levis
And because I term anything that isn't my Pjs 'frockin up', last Friday's outfit was worn on our excursion to Anthropologie, Main Street & Costco - boy are we exciting people!
Top - H & M
Pants - Gorman
Shoes - Toms

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