Ikea starts off as a fun outing...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you follow me on twitter you may know a little about this post. Newly arrived in Vancouver with only a dining table & chairs & no other furniture, nor plates, glasses etc. we headed off to Ikea, mainly to get a bed, but also a few other necessities. Being the good planner I am I made a list of the things we needed & off we went. I promptly left the list at home. But we recovered from this setback and managed to be quite measured in our trip, buying only stuff that we 'needed'. Until we got to the bed. 

Nick decided that we could save on the $69 delivery fee if we tied the mattress to the roof of the car. This way he could use the $69 'saving' toward his new handle bars for his bike. Now I'm all for saving money, but driving 16 odd kms on the freeway with a mattress tied to the roof sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I was willing to be proven wrong. 

Tying the mattress to the roof

And wrong I was, despite a brief pullover on the side of the freeway when the wind caught the front of the mattress, we made it home ok.

We made it home!
The bed pre-assembly

The process

The finished bed
We now have a bed & we 'saved' the $69 delivery fee. Nick was right. 

I hope all you Canadians enjoy your long weekend trips to Ikea & other such places :)

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