It's May, what have I been reading this year? Crime Fiction Edition

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I realised recently that it has been ages and ages since I have done a post about what I have been reading. Weirder still is that never in my life have I had more time to read than now. What else have I been doing besides skiing, eating & watching tv these past winter months? Well, reading I have been doing and here is a little summary of the books for you all. And I am not going to even begin to pretend that I have been reading any literary giants, but fun I have had. 

There is no secret about my love of crime fiction and I have certainly indulged on this front. I have been stuck into Beverly Connor's books, both the Diane Fallon mysteries & the Lindsay Chamberlain mysteries. Diane Fallon is a forensic anthropologist who is the director of a museum & Lindsay Chamberlain is an archaeologist who has begun to diverge into forensic anthropology. The Diane Fallon mysteries give you a great insight into the politics of museums and the Lindsay Chamberlain mysteries give you a little insight into the politics of academia & archaeological digs. If you're interested in armchair archaeology, Lindsay is for you. 

Spider Bones is another in the Temperance Brennan series. This time Tempe is solving a mystery surrounding the identities of three Vietnam Veterans. Did you know that the US devote many millions each year to recovering the bodies of soldiers missing in action? The program sounds like it would be a rewarding and frustrating job. They first have to find the locations of where the soldiers were last seen, locate the bodies and then when the bodies are back in the US, anthropologists ensure that the identity is correct. Fascinating. 

Hell Gate takes the reader, once again through areas of New York City that you may not have realised existed (the best part of these books is the history of New York lesson). I’m not sure why, but the lead characters are now working on illegal immigrant cases as well as sex crime cases. There is the tenuous link between illegals becoming sex workers but it didn’t seem at all plausible that the main character, district attorney, Alex Cooper, would be involved on such a level at such an early point. Surely she’d have plenty of other work to be getting on with? 

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