It's May, what have I been reading this year? Non Crime Fiction Edition

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yes I may have read a few books that weren’t crime fiction in the past few months. I read both of Maureen Lipinski’s books. I loved the lead character Clare, she mirrors most of the thoughts I've had about pregnancy of the past few years, though this maybe changing. It was great to read through Clare's journey.

I’m never quite sure if I find Craig Ferguson funny or not. Nick loves him so I bought Nick this book for Christmas and read it after him. It’s easy to look at someone of telly and just assume that they’ve always had it easy, but as autobiographies often tell you, it’s a lot of years of semi-hard work and being in the right place at the right time that pay off.

While I was travelling to Australia I read The Postmistress. This book is set as America joins WW2. The best character & storyline was the reporter Frankie, the book could have only been about her and I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is slow to take off so stick with it & once you reach Frankie you’ll like it.

Travelling back I read the Secret Lives of Dresses. I found the main character, Dora, a little flat, but I loved her grandmother Mimi, she sounds fantastic. The world of Mimi’s store and the dresses makes me want to love vintage clothes a little more. This may get on the wrong side of some people but I have to say I like the idea of vintage much more than actually wearing vintage. 

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