Road Trippin' - Highway 1 to Vancouver

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Monday we loaded up the car and headed to Vancouver via Highway 1. The scenery heading west from Revelstoke is quite something and there are so many interesting roadside stops (Minatureland!) that were unfortunately still shut for the winter. We did, however, stop in Cache Creek for a quick lunch at the A&W (Canada's answer to McDonald's) and in Hope for some fuel. Cache Creek has many 50s/60s-esque buildings and signs reminiscent of former glory and Hope is just beautiful.
Frozen river

Following the train line 

Ridges look a little like the ridge lines back home, but less red


Cache Creek

Rivers and mountains - following Highway 1 through the Canyon

Hells Gate
Elvis Rocks the Canyon Cafe
Turns out there is a quicker way to get to Vancouver than Highway 1 from Kamloops and we took that on the way back, but the Highway 1 drive through the canyon is well worth it. Beautiful and rustic. 

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  1. I love the pictures. Sometimes long drives are well worth it, especially if there are a lot of scenic views along the way. =) But yeah, when I feel like I need to really get somewhere fast I normally try to look for the quickest way to get there, to save myself time and gas. =)


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