Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The purpose of our tip to Vancouver was to check out the city for an area in which we should live. We had heard a lot about Kitsilano and I love the beach, yet Nick needs to be closer to the mountain bike trails and so North Shore sounded like the perfect balance, but when we visited it seemed to lack a little life. Kitsilano, and this may upset some people, wasn't everything it was made out to be (or maybe what I had imagined it would be?).

 We liked Main Street (Mt Pleasant) between E 11th & E 3rd the best, great cafes and independent fashion but the area is a little too far from the mountain biking. After looking at a number of places we have found one in West Downtown. Near enough to Stanley Park for Nick to get out of town for mountain biking. Close to the beach and parks but also close to downtown for bars and cafes. Everyone's happy!

Relaxing after handing in our rental application

If you look closely you can see the ferret

Beautiful blossoms & tulips

The beach nearest us

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