Weekend trip - Whistler

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few mountain bike people Nick had met at a ride last Thursday were heading up to Whistler for the weekend to ride, so Nick & I tagged along. Whistler is really pretty this time of year. There's still snow on the mountains, but the township is sprinkled with colour and there were people everywhere who couldn't quite decide if they were mountain biking or skiing/snowboarding. Turns out Whistler was still open for snow sports as well as being open for mountain bike riding - crazy, considering Canada is only a few days away from summer! 

The first ever black bear we've seen, hanging out by the magic carpet. 
Apparently they plant grass that attracts them here so they 
don't go further into the village for food.   

A dog taxi - filling a niche I was unaware of

Mountain Bikers & Snowboarders
While Nick road his bike I hung around the town feeling a little sorry for myself. It'd be nice to have a friend to hang out with.I took myself off to see Bridesmaids. A very good laugh. See it. But I have been missing home A LOT. Unsure about what I am really doing here. It all feels like it's been a great holiday, but it'd be really nice to go home now. 

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  1. Thanks for you comment on my post, it is such great advice. I am the biggest procrastinator! I love the last photo, the mountain looks wonderful. I hate being homesick, its the worst feeling. Hope you day gets a little brighter xx


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