Camping at Whistler

Monday, June 13, 2011

When you think Whistler you normally think five star ski in ski out accommodation. Camping may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but when we're adventuring on the cheap, camping is the go. Keeping our eye on the weather all week, Friday looked like the best day for camping. Of course when Friday rolled around it was cloudy & cold, but as long as the rain held off it would be fine for camping. We also left it to the last minute to book a spot and there was no room left at the closest rv park to Whistler, but there was plenty of room at the new Whitler RV Park 18km out of Whistler. 
My brother is visiting from Australia!
Arriving just before 5, we dumped everything and wandered the campsite to see if we could score an invite into someone's RV to watch the Canuck's game. Turns out the other international tourists staying at the site weren't really interested in the game or being friends with us (WTF?! We're awesome) and we ended up driving into Whistler & watching the game at Merlin's. The Canuck's did not disappoint & the bar gave everyone a free beer to celebrate the win! SCORE!  

 After the game we drove through the drizzly rain back to the campsite where we cooked up some sliders (for Craig) & steak (for us. Sliders are mini-burgers. So cute & tasty. Camping in Central Australia taught me that campsite food doesn't have to just be a roast chicken & bag of pre-mixed salad. You can eat a little better than that. We paired our steaks with a salad of feta, avocado, red onion & lettuce with a balsamic & olive oil dressing.   
 Ok so we're not the best at keeping things tidy, but the possibility of bears(agh!) meant that everything got cleaned up and put away before we went to bed. The rain held off for the night & the next day we even received a little bit of sunshine.
The next day we faced a conundrum, what to do in Whistler when you're not skiing? Well, we wandered the village, drank a latte, returned a scarf I bought the last time I was there that I decided I didn't like & then we checked out the mountain bikers.  

 There's only so much mountain biker watching one can do in a day and so we hit the road to Brandywine Falls.
Sunsmart despite the cold, the bit of sun that was out bit.

Brandywine Falls
 After the falls we pulled in at Tantalus Lookout to enjoy the view
 Then we stopped at a lakeside picnic ground. The tables had these handy ledges for small BBQs (no build in barbies a la aussie parks) and we cooked up the leftover sliders. We also had fun watching this guy across the lake dip his legs in the water. He had his bathers on & shirt off but refused to commit to going in the water. Funny to watch & a little frustrating. Just do it!
 The sliders finished, camping done, we left the lake & took a slow drive back to the city. I got to sit in the back & finish my book. My favourite way to travel.
Have you been camping lately?


  1. Why do they call it Whistler RV Park when it's 18km from Whistler? And where is that handsome husband of yours? He only made one photo!

  2. heheh!thank you for your comment!the truth is a blog was my reason to start wearing different things in my closet because I was pretty much living out of 2 dresses and different cardigans!
    I like so much this picture of the beach that seems so remote!


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