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Friday, June 17, 2011

We arrived at the bar (the Calling) in plenty of time to get a comfy seat, being 2 hours & 20 minutes before the game. Luckily this time we came prepared to wait out the time, bringing along UNO & making us the envy of pretty much everyone there. The pre-game time just flew by and before you knew it, it was time for the game to start. A table near us began the mexican wave & someone has a cow bell they kept wringing. It was all on. Until not long later the Bruins scored their first goal & it was all over. Well there was still two periods left, but the Canucks seemed defeated & never really came back.

So what do you do after your team loses the grand final? Shake your head, maybe cry a little (the girls on the table next to us certainly did, poor darlings) or start a riot? In Vancouver it seems as though losing the Stanley Cup is the perfect excuse for a riot! Back in 1994 the Canucks lost the cup & riots occurred. The police knew this and were prepared, should riots happen again (hence closing the liquor stores at 4) but this time the riots were bigger than anticipated. It was heartbreaking watching (thanks to CTV online streaming) people turn over cars, set fire to them, break windows & start looting. The beautiful city we moved to isn't quite as beautiful this morning thanks to a few idiots who thought that losing a hockey game gave them license to run amok.

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  1. I've been really emotional watching the riot videos online. It's hard to believe that people made the decision to act this way, and the laughed while doing it! Makes me sick.

    I guess we can hope that the Canucks make it to the finals next year (and that all of the rioters will still be in jail so we won't have any more problems)



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