Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that we've been watching a lot of ice hockey lately. The local Vancouver team, the Canucks have made it into the final playoffs for the Stanley Cup. Instead of just playing one grand final, the top two teams play the best of 7 games to see who will win the cup. It turns out that Vancouver is not the best at playing away but after their win on Friday the series was 3-2. The win sent Vancouver into a frenzy, check out the photos on Miss Melissa for an indication. 

The next game was on Monday. All were hopeful for a Canucks win, no more than me as I'm getting a little sick of bar food. We arrived at the Score two hours before the game to ensure a table. Only twenty minutes after we arrived the place was full. Five o'clock eventually rolled around, the puck dropped & within 20 seconds the Boston Bruins had scored and the game was pretty much over for the Canucks. 

Luckily ice hockey is the best of seven & this afternoon the Canucks have one last chance at the Stanley Cup on home turf. Go Canucks Go.

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