An overnight in Seattle

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Living in Vancouver means that you can do something that Australians can only imagine, drive to America. Last Thursday we jumped in the car & headed across the border. We stopped briefly at the Vans outlet 30 mins outside of Seattle where I picked up some sweet Vans for $14! Yes Australians Vans for $14. Not seconds, brand new. After our Vans splurge we were back on the road & in downtown Seattle in no time. 

Seattle doesn't have the prettiness of Vancouver, but if you like mid-century architecture & cool bars with cheap drinks it is the city for you. We went by the original Starbucks, had a drink in Pike Place & wandered the town just gawking at all the different buildings.
The next day we visited the Experience Music Project, located in an amazing Frank Ghery building. For a town that prides itself on coffee, make sure you get one before coming here. The cafe only serves drip coffee. Anyway, the Experience Music Project is devoted to all things Nirvana & Jimi Hendrix. If you're not into either bands I would give it a miss (ensure you get there to see the building though!), but if you are a fan, then you're in luck!
 Seattle, we'll be back for more!


  1. This made me really miss Seattle!I've been wanting to to go back!

  2. Oh I LOVE nirvana! I used to dress like Kurt Cobain when I was about 16...wore flannel and died my long blonde hair pink haha. So I would love to go to Seattle obviously...and Aberdeen. So jealous! x


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