"Between you and me, I don't Chang a lot of chicks"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We have been really getting into Community lately (well since my brother shared his copy of it with us, how nice is he?). Community follows the story of a lawyer who is sent to community college when his firm discovers that he actually doesn't have a degree. At community college he meets a cute girl who doesn't want to go out with him so he forms a Spanish study group so that he can crack onto her, sorry, get to know her. The study group becomes close & hilarity ensues. The characters are brilliant. I wish 'Troy & Abed in the Morning' was a real Morning Show. I'd watch it. Chang never ceases to amaze (his quotes get better & better in season two, including his over use of the word 'Chang')  & somehow we all just love Annie, inspite of ourselves. Get into it, you'll not be able to stop.

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