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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

After much thought & deliberation we have decided to move back to Australia. I've been unable to find a job in my field to even apply for, let alone feel the sting of rejection. I really miss all our Aussie friends and our fluffy cat Sir Elton. It has been a fabulous holiday but it's time to head home. 
On a bigger note, we're expecting a baby at the beginning of March! We're so excited and very apprehensive, lest anything should happen. I was feeling fairly sick up to about week 10 and now that I'm not feeling sick it kind of doesn't feel like I'm pregnant any more. Which is silly. Yesterday was the beginning of the second trimester and this morning I had an ultrasound. It was awesome seeing the baby for the first time. This really is happening folks! 


  1. WOW Congrats! How exciting! Melbourne is lovely today, the sun is shining. Spring is on its way. Hope all goes well with the move and the new bubba. So great for you that your are feeling well.

  2. Big news...MEGAnews. Congrats and safe travels home

  3. many congratulations!! and I love that you named your cat Sir Elton xx

  4. Again many congratulations. Looking forward to reading about the adventures waiting for you.

  5. That is big news - wonderful news! Well done to you both!!


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