Cinnamon Rolls

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The other week I desperately wanted cinnamon rolls & having injured myself making the Cinabon ones from the can (who knew that you didn't have to open them with a can opener?) I figured that there must be a way to make them from scratch. Turns out there is. I used this recipe because it didn't use yeast & you don't have to leave them overnight. 
 I didn't have any icing sugar so I tried to use drinking chocolate. It didn't really work. I'd recommend getting the icing sugar. I also only had brown sugar, but that worked perfectly. 
The recipe was really easy, give it a go!


  1. I'm not even a fan of cinnamon but these just LOOK GOOD!


  2. Ohh, those look so delicious, I haven't had homemade cinnamon rolls in years!
    I'm definitely going to try making some this weekend.

  3. aw, look at you! making homemade goodness left and right. this sounds incredible! invite me over.

  4. mmmm yummy! just stumbled by your blog and i really like it! Want to follow each other (only if you like my blog of course ;))



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