Overnight Adventure - Nanaimo

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nanaimo has been on our to do list since we arrived in Vancouver. Last Wednesday we finally made the big ferry ride out there. 
 The big ferry (as opposed to the tiny Granville Island ferry) leaves from Horseshoe Bay and takes about 1.5hrs to make it's way to Nanaimo. Plenty of time for iPad reading.  
 Exploring the town in the late afternoon, we came across this laneway with cute mexican bunting, along with the lovely Wesley Street Restaurant. It was far too early for dinner so we kept walking & returned later that night for the most delicious dinner. A foodie paradise.
 Nanaimo has a few old buildings left standing, including the old garage below. Opposite it was a lovely old pub, reminiscent of old Melbourne pubs, same architecture, including tiles on the bottom third of the outside walls. Unfortunately it was a strip joint & we didn't go inside to see if they'd retained original fixtures & mouldings. 
  Nanaimo has a frequent seaplane service to Vancouver. Late afternoon is perfect for seeing the planes returning.
The following day we had brunch at Mon Petit Choux, the cutest french bakery, bathed in sunlight. We sat for a long time savouring our tea & coffee, before we explored the rest of the downtown area. It wasn't long before we were starting to get hungry again, calling for yet another ferry ride, this time a small one, to the Dingy Dock Pub on Protection Island, a tiny Island of the coast of Nanaimo. The pub had everything you'd expect from a floating pirate themed pub, including a 100 year old skull found on the island. It also had great fish & chips. 
Me on the Ferry
 But all too soon it was time to head back to Nanaimo & catch the big ferry back to Vancouver.

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  1. aw, what a fun trip!
    you have such a pretty face :)


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