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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the first few weeks I was pregnant could eat nothing but salty, savory food. Each day I woke up with that terrible nauseous feeling, like being hungover but without the fabulous memories from a great night out. Vegemite on Wholemeal English Muffins was the only thing that got me through. I had them at least two or three times a day.    
 Now that I'm well past the ten weeks mark, I've moved onto other tastes. Mainly for sweet things like pastries, which I don't normally go for, I'm way more of a savoury person. I have not stopped wanting Cinnamon rolls. These ones were made using a can from the supermarket. 
 I have also been making a lot of muffins for breakfast. With so many fresh berries in Vancouver this time of year, it's a crime not to! These muffins have a lot less sugar than cinnamon rolls, using less than half a cup of sugar & substituting yogurt for the rest of the sugar. The muffins below are blackberry ginger. Just get a plain muffin recipe off the internet & add a teaspoon of powdered ginger. Yum!
You you have any weird food cravings? 

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