Day trip to Bellingham, WA

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wednesday I woke up incredibly early & caught the greyhound bus to Bellingham, Washington State. I originally booked the trip to check out the Missoni for Target collection. But as less & less of my pants fit, it also became a maternity clothes trip. 

The greyhound lets you off in Fairhaven, a historical district, with well preserved buildings and a leafy streetscape. From the greyhound station you can take a public transport bus into Downtown Bellingham for $1! Yep, $1. Public transport everyday people can afford. After disembarking downtown I wandered the city blocks to find a cafe for breakfast while I waited for the mall to open. Downtown reminds me of the 50s town in Back to the Future. Buildings from the same era. I could have just spent the day wandering the downtown. 

I ended up finding a great cafe just down the block from the bus station. After only a few seconds in Avellino you get the idea that Bellingham is a close knit town where everyone knows everyone. The staff were so friendly. This should not be a surprise but rude staff has become the norm for a lot of cafes.  

 And it wasn't just downtown that were friendly. I caught the bus from downtown to the mall (again a $1) and at the mall people were friendly. At Target girls started talking to me about the meager Missoni selection left. The sales people at all store I went to were friendly & helpful. Back downtown at the post office the postal worker came out from behind the counter to help me pick out the appropriate package size for the things I needed to post. All the while greeting most customers by name. Amazing! 

As for the Missoni? Well most of it was gone, the rest looking cheap & nasty. The suede high heel looked ok & I picked up a pair for my sister in law & myself. Since I fit into a child's large cardigan I bagged myself one of those too. 

Did you realise the Missoni plates were plastic? The blouses polyester? Which is how they kept the prices so low. I can't decide if they have sold out or if they're clever, bringing their brand to the masses without making you ditch their high end brand. 

Did you see the Missoni Collection? What did you think? 

Oh & people of Vancouver? Head down to Bellingham for a lovely day. You won't regret it.

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