Tuesday, September 27, 2011

 Moving countries is exhausting. I had all these errands to run yesterday but ended up spending the morning watching the Rachel Zoe Project. When Nick came home for lunch I managed to fall down the steps outside our place. Hurt knee & twisted ankle then lead to almost fainting while sitting at a table. Not too good. This meant that the afternoon was spent with my legs up watching the Rachel Zoe Project. Errands put off for another day. 

Above are some photos from my day. Due to the awful bushfires that currently surround Alice Springs, the skies have been hazy with the most amazing colours. It was fascinating watching the colours change over the course of the day. How was your Monday? 


  1. awww that's terrible - take care of yourself - I need to watch the Rachel Zoe Project though - watched a bit of it once but it just wasn't enough!



  2. Rachel Zoe did that to your ankle - I'm sure of it.


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