Frockin' up - post flight edition

Friday, September 23, 2011

There is nothing better after an international flight than a long hot shower, well actually a long soak in the bath with a few back issues of Aussie Vogue & Inside Out, is a little bit better. This is exactly what I got up to yesterday afternoon. And at the end of the soak, while shaving my legs I took a good look at my ankles, discovering that they had swollen to the size of balloons. Ugh. I am assuming this is a combination of the plane flight & pregnancy, not the bath. Anyway so this is what I wore to cheer myself up after bath & for dinner at Nick's mum's place:
Top: American Eagle
Skirt: American Apparel
Hair Sparkle: Ban Do
While passing through duty free we treated ourselves to a few goodies, Oh Lola for me & booze for Nick. I think it's quite mean of him to pick up such nice gin when I can't really have any of it. He's welcome to the DonJulio. Tequila? Yuck! 

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  1. Oh how you tease me with your tales of post flight baths when I know the swollen ankles are all ahead of me....


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