Crazy busy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I knew life would get crazy busy when we moved back to Alice Springs but I think I completely underestimated how crazy busy it would get. Between starting a full time temp job, picking out items to begin renovating my place (new tiles! new taps! Paint!), doctors & hospital appointments for my pregnancy, catching up with friends (I have a social life again - yay!), and day to day living (grocery shopping, washing etc) it has been non-stop go. 

My body chucked a fit about this yesterday and today I'm taking it easy. Ticking off everything on my list of online jobs, doing some washing and then baking healthy biscuits (cookies) to take to work next week. What are you up to today? Taking it easy or super flat out?

PS I added a new postcard set to my etsy store this morning. In this set you get to choose 4 postcards from a selection of 8. Check it out here
I know it seems way too early for this, but I also added two sets of 3 Christmas gift tags, eccentric snowmen & gingerbread. Check them out here & here. Did you know it's only ten weeks until Christmas? ARG!

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  1. Cute postcards. Sounds like your days have been hectic. Hope the pregnancy is going well!


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