Selecting Paint Colours

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nick loves bright colours and a few years ago he bought wooden cd boxes from Carey Potter at the Rose Street Markets. The cd boxes are in blue, green, orange and red. Using the colours of the cd boxes, we came up with a colour selection which would be the base point to start from.
Colour Selection
There was much debate as to whether or not we have white walls. I'm against them, having lived in the house before with white walls, it all tended to be a bit too white for my liking. Maybe because I tend to wear a lot of black, it's nice to have colour in my home? 

We selected two Dulux whites to try, natural white & whisper white. We painted a test patch & when we returned the next day, of course we'd forgotten what was what. The whites seemed to blend too much with what was already on the walls and we came to the conclusion that a greyish or brownish white was needed. 

A second trip to the paint store, while Nick began jackhammering up the tiles, and I returned with Haymes Sandstorm, Taupe Grey and Polar Bear. On the colour cards Taupe Grey looked a lot more like Polar Bear and Sandstorm was about three shades lighter.  
Polar Bear was the winner, the others would have made the space a little too dark against the grey tiles we're having put down. Whisper White will cover the ceiling & skirting boards.
Colour for feature wall in living room

 Recognising that at this stage we don't have a lot of colourful furniture nor artwork, we decided that a feature wall in the living area would add that little bit of colour. For the wall we've chosen Haymes Jade Lime
Colour for feature wall in bathroom
While we had the idea to accentuate white bathroom walls with colourful towels, it's hard to find towels in the right colours & much easier to find beige/brown towels & have a colourful wall instead. We chose Wattyl Tangella+ for the bathroom feature wall. The other walls in the bathroom will be either Whisper White or Polar Bear.
Colour for laundry
My Aunt has a laundry/toilet that is painted a Cobalt Blue & the more I thought about it the more I liked the colour. We opted for Haymes Ultra Blue. The whole laundry will be painted this colour, with the white basin, tiles, toilet & washing machine to break it up.

Now onto the hard part, prepping the walls & painting.

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