Tattooed Barbie

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mattel has released a limited edition tattooed Barbie called tokidoki Barbie. While the thing I think I like best about her is her leopard print leggings & bone top, it's also worth noting that her dog is wearing a halloween costume! 

Source - Daily Mail
Some parents are complaining that the doll gives girls the wrong idea about tattoos, but seriously, really? You're going to get a tattoo because your barbie has one? You're more likely to get a tattoo because your Uncle Craig has cool tattoos than because your barbie has them. Plus most of these were sold to collectors anyway. You're not going to see them on the shelves at K-Mart anytime soon. 

I'm just bummed because I found out about her too late. Tokidoki Barbie is sold out everywhere except ebay. Somehow $319 is not as tempting as $50!

See further article about tokidoki Barbie here

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