Gingerbread lattes & Macarons

Friday, November 11, 2011

Source: Donna Hay
My love of Macarons (macaroons) is quite strong & there is no where in Alice Springs to treat yourself to a Macaron with your coffee. So when I spotted the Donna Hay packet mix Macarons I was excited but apprehensive. My friend Noosh had made macarons a while ago & I remembered that it required a lot of work. Thus I avoided buying the mix for quite a number of weeks, but as I had this week off work, my list of excuses was running low. So what if they took all afternoon? What else was I going to do?

Making the macarons turned out to be quite easy. Of course Donna Hay has done the hard work. As long as you have a good hand mixer, you're set. This mix isn't like other mixes where you need to buy a shit load of other ingredients, all you need is a tiny bit of light cream to melt the chocolate, something you could skip in a pinch. My macarons didn't quite turn out as pretty as the picture on the packet, but they tasted great.

The perfect accompaniment to my macarons was a homemade gingerbread latte. It's that time of year again & the nearest Starbucks is 2000kms away, plus do you really want to spend your money & time there when there are so many other great coffee houses around? I figured that google might have a recipe for me & it didn't disappoint. I've typed out the recipe below, it was originally from here. All I will add is that I found the flavour to be stronger & more syrupy after refrigerating the mix overnight. All you need to do is add it to your milk before you heat the milk & it will be nice & strong. Also works well chilled.


  1. I only eat sugar once a week, but these lattes are going on the list! Thank you!!!

    And, you know, I've never had a Macaroon??

  2. yum yum!


  3. I have to say i love this blog! great topic:)

  4. Didn't quite turn out as pretty - that made me smile. As long as they taste good :)


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