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Sunday, November 6, 2011

You know when you pull up the carpet (more like when you watch Nick, Scotty & Jade pull up the carpet) and find lino & the all the tilers you speak to recommend pulling it up? Well then you know exactly what Nick is doing this weekend. Unfortunately (hehe) pulling up lino is not a pregnant lady job so I am taking it easy this weekend. 

It has been a good weekend for collating inspiration photos. I am so excited about finishing off the painting and decorating the house. 

Love a good chalkboard wall, perfect for shopping lists, event lists etc...

Great dining table & blue chair.. 

 Grey walls with orange
Source: A Girl in Transit

Lime green & Orange walls!! Yay!!
Source: Design Sponge
Many more inspiration photo can be found on my pinterest board Cool Digs

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  1. The dining table and chairs are awesome. I used to have a set in red and lost them in one of the moves...regretville!


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