My Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

 We had our first annual Christmas party last Saturday night & it was only right that the house reflected a little Christmas spirit. The above photo is our Christmas tree. I love the simple stick Christmas tree, but when I asked Nick about it he said 'it's a nice table decoration, not a Christmas tree'. Mmmm, thanks for the feedback. Needless to say, next year, with the baby, we'll have a 'proper' Christmas tree!
Above are some of the other decorations and below is the house ready for the party (sorry for the blur!). I'd hung strands of star christmas decorations on fishing line (incredibly hard to find in Alice Springs (nearest ocean/river 2000km away) from the ceiling. Unfortunately you can't really see them in the photo below.  I'm going to recycle the stars into a mobile for the baby's room. 

We also made gingerbread & sausage rolls, two Christmas essentials, and many, many cocktails. 

How's your Christmas looking?

PS.  One of my favourite bloggers, Nat The Fat Rat, is posting each day about other bloggers Christmas trees (see them here)

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