The new pram

Monday, December 5, 2011

 My friend was at a lawn sale Saturday morning and spotted this beauty! She'd seen it at a lawn sale a few years ago but wasn't pregnant then and passed it up. So she was pretty excited to see it again & while she didn't feel comfortable buying me a pram, she told me all about it yesterday & we went back to the lawn sale house. Luckily it hadn't sold & we are now the proud owners of a vintage pram!

The hard wheels are well suited to Alice Springs. We have so many prickles here that the wheels on modern prams get a lot of punctures. Hard wheels just roll right over the top. 

A little work is needed to get the pram up to specs. The navy lining is a little ripped at the feet end & on half of one side and it also needs a new mattress but other than a little dust & cleaning, the pram perfect. Hopefully the upholsterer can fix the lining.

I am so thankful to my friend for thinking of us. She also gave a a huge bag of baby clothes she'd picked up at the lawn sales, many of which were hardly worn Pure Baby & Seed clothes. The only proviso is that she'd like them back if she has a girl one day. I'm fine with those terms. Lucky, lucky us!!  


  1. Gorgeous Ali, that baby is going to be one comfy stylish kid :)


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