The Good Wife

Friday, April 29, 2011

You know how sometimes if you start watching a TV show when it's already in it's second season you have no idea what the show is about? Well The Good Wife was that show. The Good Wife revolves around Alicia Florrick who has to go back to work after her husband, the State's Attorney, was caught up in a prostitution scandal. I had never really read anything about the show and the characters had such background to them that you felt like you were missing half of the story. The story was was enjoyable, legal drama that gets wrapped up at the end of each episode kind of enjoyable, but I'd watch season one first if you want to fully appreciate how the characters develop.

Day Trippin' - Golden

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday we all piled into the car & headed to Golden for the day. We lunched at the Taps, trying their famous steak sandwich, then wandered the streets before heading up the mountain to check out Kicking Horse. A lovely way to spend an Easter Saturday. 

The view from the Taps Beer Garden

The Streets

Public Art

The Post Office with more Public Art

The famous wooden bridge in the centre, mountains at the back

The egg haul

The haul from the Easter Egg Hunt organised by the Easter Bunny aka Nick....

Good Friday

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hot Cross Buns from the Modern, a slightly inappropriate movie & salmon for dinner - how's your Good Friday?

Perfect Couples

Friday, April 22, 2011

I love Perfect Couples. In this show I have found a new favourite TV show. It now sits alongside 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Studio 60 and CSI (the original) in My Favourite TV Shows

Perfect Couples surrounds itself with the day to day lives and issues of three couples, who as you have probably guessed, are far from perfect. It's funny, laugh out loud funny. Nick hates that there's no character development and that nothing really happens. But to him I say an episode devoted to the removal of a dead possum is something. The characters learned team work.

As we're only 6 episodes in, the story arch could develop more, however I don't think that it really needs to. I love that you could drop into the series anywhere, know exactly what is going on and have a laugh. 

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The mountain is now closed during the week and our week day activities comprise sleeping in, internets, running/walk somewhere, reading, making dinner, tv then sleeping. Repeat. The other day we had a brain wave. Now is the time to make fiddly food that we otherwise wouldn't have had time to make. We have mates staying with us at the moment, a captive workforce, and yesterday we put them to work making dumplings. 
Nick showing us how it's done

I followed this 'authentic asian' Martha Stewart recipe with a few small changes. Our mate is allergic to prawns (shrimp) so we used pork. Instead of carrots we added mushrooms, some red cabbage and a lot of spring onion (scallions). I also doubled the sauce recipe and added garlic (everything can benefit from garlic). We used almost half of the sauce to marinate the meat/veg mix, leaving it for about an hour. 

Dumplings, ready to cook
 Our local supermarket didn't have dumpling wrappers, so we used wonton. Despite our early worry that they might be too fragile, they worked out fine.
The sriracha-ginger dipping sauce with added sesame seeds
Parboiled green beans with hoisin & sesame seeds
 We have an incessant need to have something green with each meal so we partially boiled a big bunch of green beans. Just place them in boiling water for about 4 mins. It leaves them a little crunchy, empty the water then add a little hoisin sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
The cooked dumplings
Our mate was feeling a little crook, so rather than have white wine, he felt like the more fruiter white wine sangria with lots of fruit. It went down a treat. 

Spring Shoes

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These shoes have been languishing in the back of the cupboard since we moved to Canada. At one time, in the deepest depths of winter, I may have even wondered why I brought them with me. But not today. Today it was their turn to shine!
Shoes: Sandolls
Jeans: Sportsgirl

Sunday Photography

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yesterday I cracked out the old polaroid camera to take a snap of the train that's been stationed outside our house for nearly 24hrs.
 It seems as though the photo became stuck to the one behind it (maybe due to the 5 months it spent on the back dock at T&T in Alice Springs summer heat?). I think the effect looks kind of cool, do you?

Frockin' Up - Last day of the ski season edition

Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Sunday was the Last Day of the Ski Season, besides the two weekends that the mountain will be open to round out April, and we decided to celebrate in style. Dinner at the Village Idiot and then drinks at the Last Drop followed by one last drink/dance at Outofbounds. The night was fun and largely uneventful save for me asking one guy how his girlfriend was and he not remembering who she is. Yes I was referring to that 'Rachel'. Here is what I wore: 
T-shirt: Sportsgirl
Jacket: Stella McCartney for Target
Jeans: Bettina Liano
Boots: Random store in Barcelona

Wing Wednesday

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wednesday rolled around and we decided to partake in the weekly event that is Wing Wednesday. There are various wing deals around town, with the Grizzly offering 35c wings and the Big Eddy Pub offering 2 for 1 pound of wings. Since the Big Eddy wings were so delicious last Saturday, we decided to head there via my new short cut.  
Us at the Big Eddy Pub
The walk took longer than anticipated with a few detours (it's weird how things look different on the ground than they did a few days ago on Google maps) and so we were more than a little hungry when we arrived. The Big Eddy Pub's Poutine is one of my favourite Canadian things. Poutine is chips (fries), gravy (chips and gravy already being a favourite) but then they add cheese curd as well. What could be better than chips, gravy & cheese? Genius! It does not make for a good photo though. 
Hot wings, Poutine, Shots & Sculpture
The Ice Hockey was playing on the big tellys, wings were eaten and ciders/beer was being drunk. A Canadian evening was in full swing. I have been told that in Canada you call 'the ice hockey' just plain 'hockey' but you'd all be confused if I did that, surely? Anyway, as the band began (a band that did not do covers, rare, I know) and someone, M I'm looking at you, decided that we should do shots, despite the rest of us saying 'No, I don't think that's a good idea'. And of course it wasn't, tasty as those shots were. 

Did you know that in Canada pubs do table service? Which means that they bring the shots to you! They also bring the third round of shots to you. Luckily we could all still stand as we left or that would have been rather embarrassing. As we walked out of the pub to start the journey home, the pub's courtesy bus/beford pulled up. Yep they offer free lifts back to town. Not only that, the driver is the Dad of the 'kids' who own the pub! Kind of like being driven home from a teen party. 
Once we were safely within the confines of our home, our friend pulled out this record that he may have gotten from the pub. Made for some interesting post night out photos! I promise it'll be returned the next time we're at the Big Eddy....   

Spring running

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The sidewalks have thawed, the sun has come out and the mountain has closed. Now that I'm not skiing 16km plus most days, it's time to get back into fitness that doesn't require snow. Since the local gym doesn't run classes such as, kick jab kill, that I enjoyed pre-ski season, yesterday I headed out for a run. 

A few years ago I learnt to run using Robert Ullery's Couch to 5km Podcasts. The podcasts set the running program to music & they tell you when to run & when to walk. The Couch to 5km program is designed to ease you into running. So you won't be running thirty minutes in one go straight away. It's more about intervals and ease. I love week two the best & it is my fallback whenever I haven't run in a while. It was great being outdoors in the sunshine yesterday, rather than on the treadmill at the gym. 

While on my run I discovered the pedestrian footbridge to the Big Eddy which had beautiful views of the river and looking back to town. Due to this discovery, we no longer have to drive to Wing Wednesday at the Big Eddy Pub! This bridge is a great short cut. I stopped & snapped a few photos of the great scenery on my iphone, but they don't quite do it justice....

 looking toward the railway bridge
 looking to town
And so there is still a fair bit of snow around, but I'm taking my small victories. 

This week is all about Wing Wednesday, but tune in next week to hear about my new healthy living diet.

On conquering fears & last days

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Over the last 4 days I have conquered my fear of The Last Spike from the top of the mountain. You may remember this post from earlier in the season about it. I was terrified of the extremely narrow cat track with edges that dropped away to nowhere. As Nick & my friends have said, if I just plow that first bit in a straight line, then I'll be fine. And you know what? I was. I plowed the hell out of it, saying to myself 'you can do it, it's ok, you're going to be fine'. 

It is great being able to go up the Stoke Chair to the top of the mountain with everyone else, even if they don't do this particular run with me. It now really feels like I have progressed this season. When I arrived here I'd skied maybe 10 days in total ever. I was lapping the bunny slope on the Canadian mountains. Now I can ski The Last Spike from the top of the gondola to mid mountain, 8km in total, in 19mins AND I can ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom. I have improved! Yay! No more bunny slope for me. 

The mountain has now officially closed, though it will be open for the next few weekends. I've had an awesome season so I may just let those weekends go by. Bring on the sunny, hot weather. It's time. 

Thanks Revelstoke!

Frockin' Up - wedding edition

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last week I was back in Alice Springs for my friend's wedding. While I didn't have a chance to snap a photo before I left for the wedding (why am I always putting on nail polish ten minutes before I have to leave, then drying it with the hairdryer?) I did take one in my slightly drunken haze when I arrived home at 3am. 
Dress: One Teaspoon
Slip: Sportsgirl
Necklace: F21
Tights: H&M
Boots: a random store in Barcelona

PS How beautiful was this wedding? 
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