The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Thursday, June 30, 2011

"My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know". 

After reading modern crime fiction, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are quite quaint in comparison. There is hardly any blood, gore or murder and no forensics. Just a series of clues & deductions which lead to the mystery being solved. Sherlock reminds me of The Mentalist, reading people, their actions & omissions. And just like modern tv crime shows, the cases are solved within the chapter, perfect for bedtime reading.

The older language in the book is a treat, with phrases such as "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson". In Australia this means 'sorry I got you pregnant', where as Sherlock is simply apologising for coming over too early. 

The Adventures were thoroughly enjoyable & if you like how the Mentalist 'reads people' then you'll like Sherlock Holmes. 

An overnight in Seattle

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Living in Vancouver means that you can do something that Australians can only imagine, drive to America. Last Thursday we jumped in the car & headed across the border. We stopped briefly at the Vans outlet 30 mins outside of Seattle where I picked up some sweet Vans for $14! Yes Australians Vans for $14. Not seconds, brand new. After our Vans splurge we were back on the road & in downtown Seattle in no time. 

Seattle doesn't have the prettiness of Vancouver, but if you like mid-century architecture & cool bars with cheap drinks it is the city for you. We went by the original Starbucks, had a drink in Pike Place & wandered the town just gawking at all the different buildings.
The next day we visited the Experience Music Project, located in an amazing Frank Ghery building. For a town that prides itself on coffee, make sure you get one before coming here. The cafe only serves drip coffee. Anyway, the Experience Music Project is devoted to all things Nirvana & Jimi Hendrix. If you're not into either bands I would give it a miss (ensure you get there to see the building though!), but if you are a fan, then you're in luck!
 Seattle, we'll be back for more!

Sunday Street Art - Whistler Skate Park Edition

Monday, June 27, 2011

 A few Saturdays ago we spent a little bit of time hanging out in the Whistler skate park. It's great that the community has such a cool area for kids to hang out in for free.

The Green Album

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Muppets were my favourite thing as a child & well, they still kind of are. I can't wait for the new movie that isn't out until November! How can I wait that long?! To ease the waiting period, Disney is releasing an album of covers of Muppets classic songs in late August. Weezer doing 'Rainbow Connection', a cover of 'Halfway Down the Stairs'. Oh it should be great.
Below is my favourite trailer for the upcoming movie. I love that it pretty much tells you nothing about the movie & then tells you what the movie isn't. 

Frockin' up - Weekly Edition

Saturday, June 25, 2011

You may notice that summer hasn't quite hit Vancouver yet. I'm still stuck in the black jeans/darker clothing rut.

The first outfit I can't remember what I wearing it to, all that I do remember is that the top is was shorter since I bought it. I think it may have shrunk in the dryer.  
Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Bettina Liano
Thongs- Havianas
Lipstick - Revlon Persian Melon
 Monday night friends arrived in Vancouver & we all went out to dinner at Shabusen. This is what I wore:
Dress - French Kitty
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Random store in Barcelona
 Tuesday night the same friends came over for dinner & I wore this outfit, notice I have classed it up with lipstick, but made it look casual with no shoes. You can't buy style like this folks.
Top - Sussan
Jeans - Sportsgirl
Lipstick - Persian Melon
I say this every time, but I promise I am working on the camera focus!!

Apartment Buildings - The Caribbean

Friday, June 24, 2011

Haro Street, Vancouver
I just love the name of this building, The Caribbean. It brings to mind sunshine & sand & just about the opposite of a drizzly Vancouver day. This building even boasts a rooftop deck, perfect for those few days when the sun is shining. 

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yes, the bear does! We spotted this guy from the Whistler Gondola (hence the dodgy photo!) today & cracked up laughing. Must have been a male because there is no way a lady would shit so publicly!!

Shop Featured!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My The Snow postcards were featured in Mooresd Etsy Treasury!
Check out the treasury here & my The Snow postcards here

Weekend Achievements

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday night we had a couple over for dinner. The start of having some form of social life in Vancouver. Nick had met the guy mountain biking & his fiance was lovely. She invited me to a girls brunch on Sunday, my first girlie brunch since being in Vancouver!

After brunch I scoured downtown for Essie nail polish in turquoise & caicos. Mission accomplished, I headed home to make peanut butter truffles from this recipe & Batenjan el Raheb from this recipe. A weekend well spent. How was your weekend?

Street Art Sunday - Lennon Wall Edition

Monday, June 20, 2011

This weeks Street Art Sunday is once again a message of love, this time from the Lennon Wall in Prague. 'Once a normal wall' (Ah wikipedia) the wall has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti & Beatles lyrics since the early 1980s. While it has been used in the past for political protests, when we visited the overarching theme of the wall was love. 

More from photos from our time in Prague here, here & here

Delish - An afternoon of Pinterest

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've been a little bored lately with the food we've been eating. We've become stuck in a rut of the same few recipes and it's not like we don't have time to make interesting food, on the contrary, we have plenty of time. But somehow choosing dinner is left to the last minute when we just want to get it made. 

On major rotation at the moment is portobello mushrooms marinated in balsamic vinegar with a sprinkling of feta. Served with a side of mashed peas (peas seasoned with fresh mint & malt vinegar), potatoes (sliced thin & baked with rosemary, salt & pepper) and eggplant (sliced & baked with a sprinkling of sumac).

I also ventured out of the box last Sunday & made chicken enchiladas with red sauce from scratch. Normally I pick up the Old El Paso kit, but they don't seem to sell the kits at any of the grocery stores near me so I found this recipe and followed it instead. I ended up mixing a bit of the sauce with the chicken before wrapping the enchiladas, but that was the only deviation from the recipe.

Which brings me to the afternoon of Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where you can make online inspiration boards of pretty much anything. I found that on tumbler it was too hard to look up my own posts & things became lost. Pinterest makes it much easier to see your old posts/'pins'. I have a long list of bookmarked recipes, but reading the titles is pretty uninspiring & this arvo I had a brainwave, why not create a Pinterest board of recipes that I can go back to for visual inspiration? I am by no means the first to do this, but for me the idea was gold, & my afternoon was spent revisiting all the bookmarked recipes & pinning them. 

I rediscovered this recipe I have been meaning to make. I can't wait to try it. 

See my Delish Pinboard here.

Are you stuck in a food rut? What are your favourite recipes?

Frockin' Up - Lazy Sunday Edition

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do you ever have lazy days? Days where you hardly leave the house, if at all? I do & I love them. Sunday was one such day. I went to pilates in the morning & then did some cardio work, but after that the lazyness began. And what better outfit to enjoy a lazy day than this?
Top - Sportsgirl
Leggings - Target
Thongs - Haviana
Ok, so I have got to work on the focus issue on my camera. This photo looks terrible!

Apartment Buildings - Magical Gardens

Friday, June 17, 2011

I love this magical garden between these two apartment buildings and the tall apartment building that looms over the two smaller ones. The two smaller buildings are on Nicola Street & the taller one is on Nelson Street.

Canucks Update

We arrived at the bar (the Calling) in plenty of time to get a comfy seat, being 2 hours & 20 minutes before the game. Luckily this time we came prepared to wait out the time, bringing along UNO & making us the envy of pretty much everyone there. The pre-game time just flew by and before you knew it, it was time for the game to start. A table near us began the mexican wave & someone has a cow bell they kept wringing. It was all on. Until not long later the Bruins scored their first goal & it was all over. Well there was still two periods left, but the Canucks seemed defeated & never really came back.

So what do you do after your team loses the grand final? Shake your head, maybe cry a little (the girls on the table next to us certainly did, poor darlings) or start a riot? In Vancouver it seems as though losing the Stanley Cup is the perfect excuse for a riot! Back in 1994 the Canucks lost the cup & riots occurred. The police knew this and were prepared, should riots happen again (hence closing the liquor stores at 4) but this time the riots were bigger than anticipated. It was heartbreaking watching (thanks to CTV online streaming) people turn over cars, set fire to them, break windows & start looting. The beautiful city we moved to isn't quite as beautiful this morning thanks to a few idiots who thought that losing a hockey game gave them license to run amok.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that we've been watching a lot of ice hockey lately. The local Vancouver team, the Canucks have made it into the final playoffs for the Stanley Cup. Instead of just playing one grand final, the top two teams play the best of 7 games to see who will win the cup. It turns out that Vancouver is not the best at playing away but after their win on Friday the series was 3-2. The win sent Vancouver into a frenzy, check out the photos on Miss Melissa for an indication. 

The next game was on Monday. All were hopeful for a Canucks win, no more than me as I'm getting a little sick of bar food. We arrived at the Score two hours before the game to ensure a table. Only twenty minutes after we arrived the place was full. Five o'clock eventually rolled around, the puck dropped & within 20 seconds the Boston Bruins had scored and the game was pretty much over for the Canucks. 

Luckily ice hockey is the best of seven & this afternoon the Canucks have one last chance at the Stanley Cup on home turf. Go Canucks Go.

Camping at Whistler

Monday, June 13, 2011

When you think Whistler you normally think five star ski in ski out accommodation. Camping may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but when we're adventuring on the cheap, camping is the go. Keeping our eye on the weather all week, Friday looked like the best day for camping. Of course when Friday rolled around it was cloudy & cold, but as long as the rain held off it would be fine for camping. We also left it to the last minute to book a spot and there was no room left at the closest rv park to Whistler, but there was plenty of room at the new Whitler RV Park 18km out of Whistler. 
My brother is visiting from Australia!
Arriving just before 5, we dumped everything and wandered the campsite to see if we could score an invite into someone's RV to watch the Canuck's game. Turns out the other international tourists staying at the site weren't really interested in the game or being friends with us (WTF?! We're awesome) and we ended up driving into Whistler & watching the game at Merlin's. The Canuck's did not disappoint & the bar gave everyone a free beer to celebrate the win! SCORE!  

 After the game we drove through the drizzly rain back to the campsite where we cooked up some sliders (for Craig) & steak (for us. Sliders are mini-burgers. So cute & tasty. Camping in Central Australia taught me that campsite food doesn't have to just be a roast chicken & bag of pre-mixed salad. You can eat a little better than that. We paired our steaks with a salad of feta, avocado, red onion & lettuce with a balsamic & olive oil dressing.   
 Ok so we're not the best at keeping things tidy, but the possibility of bears(agh!) meant that everything got cleaned up and put away before we went to bed. The rain held off for the night & the next day we even received a little bit of sunshine.
The next day we faced a conundrum, what to do in Whistler when you're not skiing? Well, we wandered the village, drank a latte, returned a scarf I bought the last time I was there that I decided I didn't like & then we checked out the mountain bikers.  

 There's only so much mountain biker watching one can do in a day and so we hit the road to Brandywine Falls.
Sunsmart despite the cold, the bit of sun that was out bit.

Brandywine Falls
 After the falls we pulled in at Tantalus Lookout to enjoy the view
 Then we stopped at a lakeside picnic ground. The tables had these handy ledges for small BBQs (no build in barbies a la aussie parks) and we cooked up the leftover sliders. We also had fun watching this guy across the lake dip his legs in the water. He had his bathers on & shirt off but refused to commit to going in the water. Funny to watch & a little frustrating. Just do it!
 The sliders finished, camping done, we left the lake & took a slow drive back to the city. I got to sit in the back & finish my book. My favourite way to travel.
Have you been camping lately?
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