Baby Bump 31 Weeks

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wow, when we drove down to Apollo Bay I was 30 weeks, while we were there I was 31 weeks and I drove back in week 32. It is amazing how different the weeks are.

During week 30 I could still wear my wedding rings, by the end of week 31 I could wear them no longer. For everyone who said the swelling was bad due to the heat, well it was 19 degrees in Apollo Bay and I still couldn't wear any shoes other than my thongs due to my fat feet. 

I now can't walk more than 5m without needing to pee. Weirdly enough I can sit for hours without needing to pee. Useful for long car trips. It must just be because of where she's pressing when I'm standing?

I slept and slept while we were away. Going to bed by 10:30pm, waking around 9:00am, then having a 1.5hr nap in the afternoon around 3. So tired.

By the end of week 31 my belly ached and ached. She's growing way to quickly for me to catch up! On the drive down I wondered what everyone was fussing about, the drive was fine, I was as comfortable as you can be in a ute. The drive back was a different story. So uncomfortable, baby pressing up against ribs, back aching, wishing I had flown back. 

Other than that I'm just 'glowing' - more likely it's the sweat glistening in the 41 degree Alice Springs heat.  


  1. Hey Al reminds me of my first pregnancy - it was like I had been inflated with a bicycle pump! Feet & cankles were the worst, I remember it well & I feel for you!
    The only thing I can suggest is to go easy on the dairy - second time round I was diagnosed borderline gestational diabetes so had to be careful about what I ate - no swelling was the result but I still managed to produce a 9 pound baby!
    Dairy did me no favours while breastfeeding either, didn't cut it all out but I'm now something of a rice milk connoisseur and cheese is only for really special times ;)
    Other than that find a pool & flop in it! And wear thongs!
    Hope it all goes well xo

    1. Hi Clare, thanks for the advice. I used to be soy milk only but since being pregnant I found my body can tolerate cows milk (soy is terrible for milo). I'd hate to have to cut it out again. Am finishing work this week so hopefully things will settle down as I will be able to sit for hours with my feet up!


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