Bikinis & Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taken by Nick with his new GoPro
Jessica Rudd recently wrote this piece for MamaMia about how amazing she's finding her body to be now that she's pregnant. In the past she'd go through a major body prep ritual to prepare for wearing a bikini, but now that she's pregnant she didn't think twice about putting on the bikini & heading for the water. 

While I've always proudly worn bikinis despite my wobbly bits, I know there are many who don't. And you know what? You're most likley never going to be skinnier than you are now. Don't wait for a pregnancy to make you accept your body for what it is. Go for it. Crack out that bikini & wear it proudly. 


  1. Even after two kids, stretch marks, and a lil extra fluff... I still wear a bikini..because I know for being almost 30 and having two kids I look dang good!! Plus I figure that theres ton's of people out there that have a lot more fluff and stuff than i do.. and they are rocking bikinis and looking good.. so why can't i??


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