Nursery progress

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The nursery preparation has begun. 
 Nick put together the bookshelf and crib while Elton & I 'helped'

 Well, Elton played in the paper & then took a nap

I've been asked a lot recently if the nursery is set up & if we have everything and it's a little bit stressful saying no. So it's nice to finally have it started. 

Details thus far:
  • The bookcase is from Kmart. I wouldn't recommend them. Out of the 4 we bought, 2 had to be returned as they were faulty. 
  • The crib is from Ikea. Yep, they deliver to the Northern Territory.
  • The little chair and rocker are mine from when I was a kid.
  • The cushion on the rocker was made by Noosh
  • The monkey is from BlaBla Kids


  1. Lovely photos! Don't you think it's great that one day the kid will be able to look back on this? I do!

    1. You're right, she will be able to look back on them, how cool!


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