Baby Shower Alternative - Pre-Baby BBQ

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I couldn't quite work out what I wanted to do for a baby shower. I knew a traditional shower with games wasn't really for me. There was brief talk about an all girls poker afternoon or an afternoon by the pool at one of the hotels (the average temperature in February in Alice Springs is 35 degrees Celcius). Nick loves a party & it didn't seem fair that he should miss out on all the shower fun. In the end we settled for an event that Nick could be part of too, a pre-baby BBQ. The last chance to have all our friends over without having to take care of a baby. Just food, booze & fun. 

 photo Pre-Baby-BBQ_zpsehdjonb5.jpg
Our friend Noosh came up with these awesome invitations with the most minimal, vague, instructions from me - 'could you please make us an invite to a non-baby shower that blokes are invited to'. I love the concept and the colours came from the monkey we've bought the baby.

The Decorations

I made the flag bunting. String lights were leftovers from our wedding and the white flowers came from Coles.

The Food
The food was a group effort. Nick's mum made artichoke dip & his uncle made baba ganoush. Nick's aunt made a potato salad. My friend bought a green salad. My mum & I made a chickpea and parsley salad, as well as a beetroot, spinach & fetta salad. Noosh, who had already put in a bonza effort with the invites, made a delicious chocolate cake. 

The Drinks
Drink of choice for most of the ladies was mineral water with fresh mint and lime (leaving me with all the champagne we'd bought for when I can get back on the booze!). The boys preferred beer. A great night was had by all.

 photo Pre-baby-BBQ-4_zpsqqxoktyn.jpg
 photo Pre-Baby-BBQ-3_zpsnagh5nvf.jpg


  1. That invite is adorable!! And I am with you on the no-cheesy-games baby shower... I'd much prefer a BBQ with booze and boys!

    And champagne. Oh, how I miss champagne (and all booze, in general). Soon enough.

    God, I sound like a lush! :)

  2. What an awesome invite and looks like a fun night generally! BTW - I've been away, has your blog look changed or did I imagine that? Either way I love the little love hearts.


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