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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery_zpsfrvliujt.jpg
The nursery came together slowly over a number of weeks. Since the baby wasn't due until March there wasn't much point in starting on the nursery until the rest of the house was finished. Come Christmas however, I was starting to get a little panicky about not having anything for the nursery. So I ordered the cot from Ikea and begun the process of slowly gathering things for the nursery and we were lucky enough to be given a few wonderful things from friends for the baby. 

This is what the nursery looked like before:
 photo Nursery-Before_zpsfidpkdie.jpg
We painted the walls a Dulux grey called 'Grey Expectations'.  It was the only grey we could find that didn't have pink in it. The ceiling is Dulux 'Whistper White'. We removed the vertical blinds and installed curtains from Ikea.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-5_zpsliiu8kv9.jpgThe bookshelves were from Kmart. They hold many more books than I thought they would. Nick was the trooper who put everything together. 
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-3_zpssdkgtevz.jpg
 I'd kept a few things from when I was a kid. The orange dog was my favourite soft toy. The others above were acquired in my teenage years. The Monster at the end of this book was my favourite book. Luella may be a little too young for Babysitters Club books, but the colours looked so cool that I thought they should stay out.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-7_zpsdnxxw3fv.jpg
We're using a bakers rack for the change table. It's the perfect height to change her without having to bend & we'll be able to use it again one she no longer needs a change table.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-8_zpstnbki8yd.jpg
Nick & I made the mobiles using tissue paper flowers, sticks & fishing line (hard to find in Alice Springs, but strangely enough, BBQs Galore have it). I'm stoked that she actually stares at the mobile while being changed.  

My friend had organised her baby clothes by size in the baby's wardrobe & I thought I'd borrow this idea, however the wardrobe in the nursery is our storage cupboard so I bought these boxes instead & used liquid chalk to write the sizes on.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-2_zpsg1bewd9a.jpg
It was such a relief to have everything finished for her. And now she doesn't even sleep in there, she sleeps in the pram in our room! Over the weekend we're going to move the cot into our room for the next month or so. One day she'll sleep in there, one day.
 photo A-neutral-baby-nursery-1_zpsx61teynp.jpg


  1. It looks great! Love the handmade mobiles!

  2. Wow! You guys did a wonderful job of creating that space. I love the grey and yellow together. And all of those books? How fun.

    Our nursery is definitely not finished. Since she'll be sleeping in our room for the first few months, I don't feel the pressure to get it done, although we have a FLOR rug (have you seen those??) that we need to put together this weekend. Maybe baby will be here before then? I sure hope so. :-)

  3. love the Monster at the end of the book too, and old enough to remember when it was new!...I believe I read it to Nick back in the day!!!
    kissses and hugs from Annie West!

  4. Looks so gorgeous, Alli. The grey is just perfect!
    That pom pom mobile is so cute too. The yellow is perfect against the grey...
    Ronnie xo

  5. What a lovely babys room!
    Greetings from Costa Rica.
    Carol xoxo

  6. Hi! Beuatiful room Is the Grey expectation paint a 100% mix?


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