Frockin' up - Family Dinner

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pre-baby Nick & I used to go out of dinner at least one week night per week. This has fallen by the wayside post-baby. It's easy to get into the home from work, dinner, tv, bed routine, especially when you're so tired. We were starting to miss dinners out and so Tuesday night we decided that it was time to head back out. Casa Nostra, the local Italian restaurant, owned & run by friends of ours, was our restaurant of choice and this is what I wore...
Kimono - Kmart
Singlet - Target
Skirt - Kmart
Thongs - Havianas
Ring & Necklace - Black Jewls
Lipstick - Rouge Coco Legende
Shirt - Ben Sherman
FYI - Last night I discovered that my bert's bees tinted lipbalm, Hibiscus, is the perfect colour to put under my Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, Legende. I find the Rouge Coco really drying, so having the bert's bees underneath it helps with this as well as giving the lipstick a good colour base. 


  1. Oh, how I miss dinners out. Soon enough!!

    And you look great! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks. Don't leave it too long to go out again & make the most of your mum being in town - steal a night out with your hubby :)

  2. Girl, that kimono is awesome! sounds like a fun evening!


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