Time - Are you Mom enough?

Friday, May 11, 2012

The new issue of Time magazine discusses attachment parenting which comprises, among other things co-sleeping and breastfeeding longer than 'normal'. 

While I haven't yet read the article (as far as I know, it wont be out in Australia for a few weeks), the Huffington Post has labeled the cover 'shocking'. Rather than a discussion about the pros and cons of attachment parenting, they've opted for the 'Is Time's breastfeeding cover going too far?' option. I don't think we need publications like the Huffington Post sensationalising breastfeeding. When you can't show breastfeeding photos on facebook I think the cover is bold. 

As for the 'are you mom enough?' I think we have enough guilt about our parenting styles without Time holding up breastfeeding a three year old as the ideal. Even if this isn't what the article says, it's what the cover suggests. 

What does this cover say to you?

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  1. I agree, just more fodder for the mommy wars. I haven't read the article either, the cover stopped me alone. As a mother who breastfed two children for varying lengths of time I don't think it's very fair to throw down such a negative heading. Breastfeeding (or not) shouldn't be used as a determinant of your quality as a mother.


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