First day at Childcare

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today was Lulu's first day at Childcare, well her first half day. Childcare in Alice Springs is so hard to find. The waiting lists are closed at most centres. At one centre they closed the list in July 2011 and they haven't had a place open up for the people on the list yet. Crazy.

We were just lucky that a new, small, centre opened about a month ago, a few streets away from our new house. I called at just the right time, when they still had a few places left and Lulu made it in. Lulu will be able to go one day a week and then spend the other day with her grandma. Perfect. 

This morning I packed her little backpack with her spare clothes & bottles (completely unorganised, nothing labelled) and dropped her off. She was so taken by all the activity of a new space, her eyes wide following the action. I left quickly, knowing that she was in good hands. Mid-morning I received an txt photo from the centre with a picture of her fast asleep. So cute. Lulu only stayed for a half day for her first day, my parents picked her up and looked after her for the afternoon. I arrived home from work to a happy, cuddly baby. 

PS. This article titled 'Daycare is my choice not a necessity' by Brandee is fantastic. Sums up my feelings on childcare exactly.


  1. Awww what a cute picture of your little girl! Sounds like she had an awesome day socialising with all the other bubs! :)
    xoxo Lauren (a fellow BYW classmate!)

  2. It gets so much easier too. I know that Zoe loves her daycare. She reaches out for her caregiver and it makes me so happy that she has so much fun.

  3. Glad her first day went well! It's the same here in Boston.... the wait lists are so long for daycare!


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