Mum guilt & a clean house

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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I felt a little, well more than a little 'mum guilt' dropping Lulu at childcare yesterday. I didn't have to work but to keep the place we have to pay for the childcare. Since we were paying for the day anyway, a chance to have Lulu looked after while I got some uninterrupted cleaning done was too good to pass up. We haven't had time to do housework since we moved into this house nearly a month ago. Between unpacking boxes, finishing up at the old house & work there just hasn't been the time. So off to childcare she went. I got a tone done. A few loads of washing, clean sheets, vacuumed floor, cleaned the dried spew of the leather couches, etc, etc. All the fun stuff. 

And do you know what? When I went to collect Lulu from childcare (just after lunch) she really wasn't bothered. She'd had a play, some food, a nap and was back to play. Going home with mum was way more boring than playing with the cool toys at childcare. But I still felt a little guilty, to be honest, more from the fact that I liked the chance to get some things done, than from actually leaving her.   

Have you experienced 'mum guilt' lately?


  1. I take Zoe for a half day frequently when I don't have to work. I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH. The uninterrupted time at home is so delicious. I pump up the jams and CLEAN. Yes, I am now weird. Someguilt, not too much.

  2. Oh man. I am sort of (okay, A LOT) jealous of having a daycare that you need to use even when not working. Don't feel guilty! You need some YOU time, too, even if it is spent cleaning house. Did you at least get to listen to some loud music while doing it?

    And isn't it amazing how quickly a clean house can become ransacked? Ours does, anyway.

  3. Oh. And the dried baby vomit on the leather couches had me laughing out loud! We are totally in the same boat.



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