Adventures in Adelaide

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


1. The beautiful red centre.
2. Lulu in her own plane seat.
3. The Port Adelaide lighthouse with a little bit of sweater bombing.
4. Historic buildings at the Port.
5. Messing around at Freedom while searching for the ever elusive comfortable couch.
6. Sunrise & Twinkle lights as view from our awesome hotel room at the Oaks Liberty Towers.

The photos make the time look easy but to be honest, Lulu was a bit out of her comfort zone & non-routine, routine. She has a lot of 'alone time' at home - time on the play mat, time lying on the couch next to me, etc. Over the weekend she spent a lot of time being held, and not much time 'alone'. After a while she became  very frustrated with being held & with being in another new place. Meltdowns in the middle of restaurants became our norm over & as you jiggle her up while trying not to disturb the other patrons & down you tend to forget that a walk in the pram might be just what she needs to calm down. Tonight we're at Mum & Dad's & she was asleep in her travel cot before 7:30, the tired little mite. 


  1. Oh man. I totally know what you are going thru. When we took Alice to Utah, she was being held pretty much all the time and, the second we would lay her down for a diaper change or to give our arms a rest, she'd instantly stop crying like, "Hey, you guys. Let me have some ALONE time, please!"

    We're off to Canada at the end of the month and I'm going to have to implement an 'alone time' rule so that she isn't held every second of the day by my in-laws!

    How did your flight go??

  2. The plane flight went well. We had a spare seat which makes it much easier. There was a baby in front of us who screamed & screamed in unison with her toddler big brother as we descended. I felt so sorry for her parents.

    The trip back will be interesting as I'm by myself with Lulu!!


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