Frockin' up - Change room edition

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scarf & top - Sportsgirl
Skirt - Kmart
Ring - Black Jewls

Dress - Ollie's Place
Onsie - Bonds
Headband & Shoes - Pumpkin Patch

Lulu & I had a shopping day yesterday. We needed to return two items to Seed that didn't fit and we needed to pick up some cute things for Lulu's room from IKEA. How we ended up in the Myer change rooms at Marion Shopping Centre, I'll never know. Does this ever happen to you?

PS I am LOVING pram parks. Exactly the same as wheelchair parks, pram parks are close to the shopping centre door & pretty much almost free, even at IKEA in the school holidays. AMAZING. I am so glad I respected the pram park before I had a baby because I have had the best pram park karma this trip. 


  1. Wow. We have no such thing as pram parks here in Boston but we do have 'pregnant lady' parking spots (a.k.a. parks in Australia?). I don't think I utilized any while I was pregnant, though, since I take the train or bus most places.

    You guys are so cute in that dressing room!

  2. love these faces!


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