Filling the void - Hart of Dixie

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've found a replacement, well not a replacement, but something to fill the void that finishing seven seasons* of Gilmore Girls has left, Hart of Dixie. Hart of Dixie is a cross between Gilmore Girls and Northern Exposure, except that our heroine is all alone with no best buddie/mum unlike Rory & Lorali. The show stars Rachel Bilson as a surgeon who gets told her bedside manner is no good & has to become a GP for a year. She moves from New York to Bluebell, Alabama. There she has to prove to the townsfolk that she is a good doctor and love interests ensue. Hart of Dixie has that same warm fuzzy feel as Gilmore Girls. I love it.

Thanks to Our City Lights for this post which reminded me to give Hart of Dixie a go. I love the Lumineers - too perfect.

*I cheated & started at Season 4 so I could go back to the very beginning but anyway... 

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