Weekend Adventures

Monday, July 30, 2012


1. Lawn sale a few doors down Saturday morning was crazy! Taxidermy, vintage clothes, plastic models & even a vintage vibrator in box
2. Lulu's slippers freshly washed & drying by the fire
3. Sir Elton & Lulu napping Sunday afternoon
4. The Balfors folk courtyard session at the desert park

We managed to pack a lot into this weekend. A friend over for dinner Friday night. Nick worked Saturday morning while Lulu & I had morning tea with friends. We had housewarming drinks Saturday afternoon at ours which went way into the evening. Sunday Lulu & I had a lazy day while Nick competed in a mountain bike downhill competition and in the afternoon Lulu & I went with a friend to the folk courtyard session at the Desert Park. We also managed to sleep a lot. A good weekend in all. How was yours?


  1. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend, for sure. And WHAT IS Sir Elton? Hard to tell by the photo. ;-)

    We, too, had a wonderful weekend with my sister visiting. Went to Cape Ann. Ate A LOT of cheese (my sister can't get good cheese in Panama). And enjoyed a bottle or two of wine. A mtn bike competition? My husband would be so jealous!

    1. Sir Elton is a ragdoll cat and he has his huge winter coat on. So fluffy!! Your weekend sounds lovely, cheese, wine, all the good things xx


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