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Friday, August 3, 2012

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For introducing Lulu to solids, we're following the principles of baby led weaning. Baby lead weaning simply means letting babies feed themselves. For the first few months babies continue to get all their nutrients from milk (formula or breastmilk) so food can be something they have fun exploring. So many different textures and tastes, why should food be boring, spoon fed mush?

Lulu is just over five months and we've started her on her first solids. On Saturday she had a little bit of baby cereal. I tried to spoon feed her the first bite but she wasn't having a bar of it, so I gave her the spoon with a tiny bit on the end and she chewed on it while I ate my cereal. It sure was fun watching her explore the cereal.

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While Nick cooked dinner the other night (oh yeah a bit of an awesome husband brag here) he sat Lulu in her chair and gave her a snow pea to munch on. Boy did that keep her occupied. She chucks her teethers away within about five seconds but the snow pea she held onto for a good twenty minutes (with a few accidental drops). She didn't break the skin, so none of the peas got out. I realise this may be quite hazardous and it is probably better to use celery sticks, but if you are watching carefully, snow peas are ok. 

At the moment the amount of solids she's actually eating is miniscule, so I figure starting her a few weeks before the baby led weaning recommended 6 months isn't too bad. When did your baby start on solids? 


  1. we've been doing some blw and some puree starting from 5 months or so. she eats everything we eat minus nuts/honey...

  2. We did BLW and looooved it!! I credit a big part of my son's great eating habits to it in fact. I really liked slicing peppers (red, orange) in rounds when Gus first started out. It's a great shape for them to hold/explore and munch on! I mean seriously, what baby doesn't like a vegetable bracelet?

    1. Vegetable bracelet?! What a cool idea :)

  3. we did BLW bc i was nursing AND was too lazy to make sure i always had food made for her. it was easier to just offer her what we were eating and was a good incentive for us to eat healthier. she won't eat anything and everything, but i like that the whole food thing hasn't been a war or challenge with her. it's been on her own time and we're ok with that.

    best of luck!

  4. I love the idea of baby-led weaning. I am, however, giving Alice some 'mush' but she absolutely loves it! Just oatmeal cereal and fresh banana mushed up at this point but it's working. At almost 5 months she is on the young side for starting food other than breast milk, but it's working for her and for us so we're going for it (plus my pediatrician recommended starting at 4 months as well).

    Have you seen those mesh teethers? Alice loves them... so far, all we've put in them is banana, but the possibilities are endless and NO CHUNKS to be had.


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