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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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I have a confession to make. Remember this post where I proudly wrote about Lulu having a room of her own? Well at the new house she still has a room of her own, but does she sleep in it? No. 

When we first moved in it was so cold we thought it best for her cot to be in with us. Not long after that Lulu became sick and with the cough we wanted to keep her close incase she woke up coughing in the night. We wanted to hear that little cough & you know what? The little cough is much better, but it just hasn't quite gone away so she's still with us, all these weeks later. 

And another confession.... when she wakes in the early morning say 6:30/7/7:30, we change & feed her in the bedroom & then put her down to sleep in our bed. She will go back to sleep for at least an hour or too. It's bliss. I know some people don't agree with co sleeping, but it works for us. We move our pillows aside & she gets to stretch out in the big space between us, happy as a clam.  

Do you have anything to confess? Now's the time....

The house pillows and linen were a gift for Lulu from her Aunt - what a lucky little girl.


  1. way to go with bed sharing! we loved sleeping with ramona. when she was nine months or so we had to stop bc no one was getting sleep bc she flailed. i certainly miss it!

    and, like you, when she's sick we pull her into bed with us and get some snuggles in that way. mama's should always go with their instinct!

  2. We did the same with Leo and now with Maggie. That extra hour of sleep works for everybody! Leo is now 6 and hasn't crept into our bed for a long time....but funnily enough last night he had a bad dream and in he crept - to the safest place he knows! Just lovely.


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